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The Keep It Simple Guide to search engine optimisation

SEO stands for search engine optimisation which simply means using different methods and processes to ensure that your website/pages are shown in the search engine results for the keywords/phrases that you are targeting.
Keywords/phrases are what people type into the search engine search bar.
Examples being Rhyl Plumber or Mechanic in Prestatyn or North Wales Kitchen Fitter.

Local SEO

Local SEO simply relates to targeting your local area for your search terms. For example, if you are a dentist serving the Rhyl area it would be fairly pointless to target terms such as a dentist or cosmetic dentistry.
It would be more sensible and give a far greater return on investment to look at keywords/phrases such as Rhyl Dentist or Cosmetic dentistry in Rhyl.
For most businesses, Local Seo is the sensible way to go. Local Seo gives better search engine results in a shorter time frame and an excellent return on your investment.

National and International SEO

This is a lot more difficult than Local SEO. There is far more competition and most of the competing websites will also be doing some form of SEO but it is possible to vastly improve most website’s rankings given time and effort.

The 2 main parts of site optimisation.

Part1. On-Page

This relates to work done on your site and pages. Looking at keywords/phrases (the terms people search for)  in meta tags, alt tags, etc and ensuring that your content includes and matches these keywords/phrases.
This is something we look at very carefully when you are a KisWeb client.
We will recommend and agree on a number of keywords/phrases with you and optimise your existing site or if having a new site built by us implement those search terms on the pages.
We also look at page speed and how your site displays for different devices.
We also look at your competitor’s websites and results and analyse the best ways to appear above them.

Part2. Off-page

This relates to work done that gets others to link and share your site and content.
Search engines basically see other people/sites linking and sharing your site and content and (put simply) view this as a vote of support for your site.
The more votes you get the better you will do in the search engine results.
If you become a Kisweb client, we will advise, agree and implement the best processes and techniques in off-page optimisation to help you be found for your targeted keywords/phrases when searched for in the search engines.

Some of the things we can do to help your search engine rankings

Link Building
– High-quality custom link building on genuine sites. Totally white hat and NO pbns. The sites we select have to pass our strict quality guidelines. We source quality websites that meet your requirements using at least 20 quality points and you can approve them.
You can approve the title and then see the content we write. We allow a few edits to make sure your content is perfect. Links are placed naturally within the content so that they enhance the user experience.

Citations – These are entries in trusted directories that contain your basic business information. This should be kept consistent with your NAP information. NAP is short for NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. NAP is important for any business that wants to rank well in the local organic search results because Google and the other search engines take the information into account when determining which businesses to show for geo-targeted searches.

Blogger Outreach – our blogger outreach service is constructed to get your website mentions and backlinks. This is in the form of editorial links from within the flow of an impartial, non-promotional, magazine quality blog placement.
We write the blog post content and it will be written such a way as to educate the blog owners audience and relate to your website and link at the same time. The content will be completely non-promotional (i.e not about your business directly) and will be impartial. This will help us secure content placements for you that are on good mid-tier quality blogs and will also ensure your link is as naturally crafted as possible.

Press Release – We will write a professional press release and distribute to over 450 news outlets. We hand submit and track the progress of press releases manually. Press releases are a great way to get instant exposure, give brand authority using a totally natural form of promotion.

Content Writing – Whether for blog writing, educational articles, press release writing, web page copy or reviews, we have a great team who are very successful in writing engaging content.

Telephone Mike on 07376 242591 if you are interested in getting better search engine results which equal more leads and clients for your business.
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