The Kisweb web design process starts with planning how your website will look, what is the purpose of the site, and how you and your users will navigate around it, and then putting this plan into action.

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So we need to decide on the layout, colours, content, font, and graphics that we are going to use on your new website, and the decisions made are very important as your website is going to make a big impression on potential clients and customers who visit the site as well as represent your brand.
Changes and re-branding can always be done further down the line – as nothing is set in stone – but getting it as right as you can at this stage will save you both time and money later down the line.

Good web design will attract clients and customers, appear in the search engines, and avoid technical hiccups,  giving a good user experience which in turn will keep visitors coming back and guides them into becoming customers and clients.

We are going to look at the various aspects of web design in a little more detail and look at why they are vital to your website.

Below are the five main elements of web design that we consider when planning your website, and some ideas that you can start thinking about and incorporating into your new Kisweb website.

Layout in your Web Design

The layout of your Kisweb website looks at how we arrange the text, graphics, and ads on each page. The purpose is to ensure that users of the website can find the information they need quickly, not having to scroll and search around the page. It’s also important that we keep the layout relatively consistent throughout the website.

We also need to consider how your website will look on different devices, as many users now access the internet via their smartphones or tablet.

Colour in your Website

Colour can help to convey personality and mood and create an atmosphere for your website that can help to keep users on-site or turn them away. What we are aiming for is to complement your existing brand and therefore reinforce your company image. If a new company, we can look at what colours would suit your business best.

Graphics in your site design

Graphics covers things such as logos, photos, clipart, and icons. These need to be chosen carefully and need to be consistent with the rest of the website design. They should be chosen on the basis that they are consistent and match the company image in the same way that the colour scheme is.

Pictures and other graphics, such as charts and graphs, are a very powerful way to convey a message or other information instead of text, we have all heard the saying  “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and depending on your type of business may be more or less suited for this. However, it is always important to use good quality graphics and pictures in your web design, and this has never been more important as our screen resolutions continue to improve, especially on smaller devices such as smartphones.

Fonts in your new site

There are thousands of different fonts available and more are designed every year. You can spend hours comparing slightly different variations of the same font,  but there are only a handful of fonts that work really well on websites. For example, it’s generally accepted that the sans-serif style of fonts is easier to read and gives a more contemporary feel. But, as with graphics and colour, it’s important to work with a font which reflects the image of your company and what you want to express.

Content in your Web Design

Finally, there’s the content of the website and arguably the most important aspect of your website and web design.
Without good content, the search engines will not index your site and position you where you want to be, high up in the results.
Content works together with the overall design to complete your company’s message. Written text should be relevant and useful and also optimised for search engines (SEO), incorporating relevant keywords and phrase’s so your website appears near the top of the results when people search for those keywords and phrases.

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